A lab for advanced language engineering

Who we are

We are a group of experts in Natural Language Processing, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Our background includes a deep knowledge of how different languages work. We build innovative solutions upon solid free software and modern technologies.

We are Prompsit: a lab for advanced language engineering

What we do

Innovative language engineering

Using the right technology, we turn data into useful professional services for text processing, text analytics, text translation, text generation, etc. Through this process, we discover all kinds of information in texts and advice on how to make the most of them.

Delivering language technology for a purpose

We also make language engineering useful to a world with real users: machine translation to encourage communication, online modern dictionaries to solve linguistic doubts, educational tools for language technology teaching, smart tools for linguistic evaluation, etc.

Language data supply and curation

Data is the most important source of knowledge and we take special care of it. We do gather, analyse, measure, restore, filter, clean and evaluate the quality of your data. In any text format, in any language. From large text collections to very scarce data sizes.

For the record

Engineering language since 2006

of parallel corpora delivered in dozens of languages
custom MT engines working for real-life applications
open-source NLP tools released for multiple purposes

What defines us

Research DNA

Our roots are in the Transducens research group of the University of Alacant. A mixed team of computer engineers and linguists started Prompsit back in 2006. Since then, we’ve been serving market interests transforming research ideas into final products, by performing applied engineering.

Language diversity

We care about languages, no matter the size or shape of their resources. We are at ease working with different alphabets, morphology, lemmas, grammar structures, glossaries, concordances, corpora, domains, etc. We make the most of any piece of text in any language, specially in multilingual scenarios.

Open-source & value-added

If others did it and shared it, we will keep doing and sharing! This way, we add value to what already exists. As open-source contributors for decades, we do not reinvent wheels, we shape and ensemble them to effectively deliver value-added final products.

Contact us

Prompsit Language Engineering, S.L.
Avinguda Universitat, s/n. Edifici Quorum III. 03202 Elx (Alacant). Spain.
UTM 30s 702070 4239293
(+34) 965457549